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   The  Governments of the Member States and the Commission of the  European
   Communities were represented as follows:

   Mr Willy CLAES                   Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Robert URBAIN                 Minister for Foreign Trade and  European

   Mr Niels HELVEG PETERSEN         Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Jorgen ØSTRØM MØLLER          State Secretary for Foreign Affairs

   Mr Klaus KINKEL                  Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Günther REXRODT               Minister for Economic Affairs
   Mrs Ursula SEILER-ALBRING        Minister of State, Foreign Affairs

   Mr Theodoros PANGALOS            Minister for Foreign Affairs

   Mr Javier SOLANA                 Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Javier GÓMEZ-NAVARRO          Minister for Trade and Tourism
   Mr Miguel Angel FEITO HERNANDEZ  State Secretary for Trade

   Mr Alain JUPPE                   Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Gérard LONGUET                Minister for Industry and Foreign Trade

   Mr Dick SPRING                   Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Joe WALSH                     Minister   for  Agriculture,  Food   and
   Mr Charlie McCREEVY              Minister for Tourism and Trade

   Mr Beniamino ANDREATTA           Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Paola BARATTA                 Minister for Foreign Trade

   Mr Jacques POOS                  Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Georges WOHLFART              State Secretary for Foreign Affairs  and
                                    Foreign Trade

   Mr P.H. KOOIJMANS                Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Ms Yvonne VAN ROOY               Minister for Foreign Trade
   Mr Piet DANKERT                  State Secretary for Foreign Affairs

   Mr José Manuel DURAO BARROSO     Minister for Foreign Affairs
   Mr Fernando FARIA DE OLIVEIRA    Minister for Trade and Tourism
   Mr Vitor MARTINS                 State Secretary for European Affairs

   United Kingdom:
   Mr Douglas HURD                  Secretary  of  State  for  Foreign   and
   Commonwealth                     Affairs

   Mr Jacques DELORS                President
   Sir Leon BRITTAN                 Member
   Mr René STEICHEN                 Member


   1. The Council   held   an  in-depth  discussion  on  the   progress   of
      negotiations,  working  on the basis of a  written  Commission  report
      supplemented    by   oral   briefings   from   Sir Leon BRITTAN    and
      Mr René STEICHEN   on  their  negotiations  with  the  United   States
      delegation on 1 and 2 December 1993.

   2. The Council  confirmed its conclusions of 20 September, 4 October  and
      8 November, in particular the need to do everything possible to  bring
      the Uruguay Round to a satisfactory conclusion by 15 December 1993.

   3. The Council reaffirmed that the overall balance of the outcome of  the
      Uruguay Round remained the sine qua non for its success.

   4. The Council   expressed   its   confidence   in   and   support    for
      the Commission's  efforts, over the next few days and in the light  of
      the views expressed by delegations, to obtain the improvements  needed
      to  safeguard the Community's essential interests and to make  headway
      on  the major problems still to be  overcome.  The Council  emphasized
      that in this final phase of the negotiations the Commission could rely
      on the Member States to pull together in the common interest.

   5. A  number of delegations stressed the importance they attached to  the
      problem of commercial policy instruments. The Presidency said it would
      try  to  make  progress  on this question at  the  same  time  as  the
      Uruguay Round  issue.  With this objective clearly in view, it  called
      on all the delegations to give thought to the flexibility necessary if
      a reasonable, comprehensive and balanced decision was to be reached on
      this matter.

   6. The Council agreed to continue its discussions at its meeting on 6 and
      7 December 1993  on the basis of a fresh Commission report on all  the
      questions  raised today.  The Council would meet subsequently  in  the
      light of the progress of the negotiations.

                                     * * *

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