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In the  presence of  Commission Member  Antonio Ruberti,  the Ministers  of
Education of  the Member States  of the Union  and the EFTA countries,  and
leading figures from the world of  politics and academic circles, the  1994
ERASMUS  prize-giving  ceremony  took   place  on  Sunday,  4  December  in

This ceremony provided  an opportunity to underline the enormous success of
the  ERASMUS programme  (Community action  programme  on student  mobility)
since  1987.  The  continuity and  development  of  activities  under  this
programme will be  ensured beyond 1994 and  for the next five  years (1995-
1999) by  the SOCRATES programme,  which is on  the agenda for adoption  by
the Council  of  Education Ministers  today.  This  new programme  is  also
innovatory in that  for the  first time it  is intended for  all levels  of
education, including schools.

The Commission wanted to mark this transition  by awarding prizes to people
(teachers, administrative staff  and students) who have made a particularly
distinguished contribution to the dissemination and  success of the ERASMUS
programme. Accordingly, two prizes (see  list in Annex 1) were  awarded per
participating  country  (Member  States  of  the  European Union  and  EFTA
countries), with a value of ECU 4 000 for  the "staff members" category and
ECU 3 000 for the "students" category.

The prize winners  were selected by a  European jury chaired by  Mrs Nicole
Fontaine, Vice-President  of the European  Parliament, on the  basis of the
proposals submitted  by the national agencies for the  award of ERASMUS and
Commission grants.

For the record,  over the seven years  that the ERASMUS programme  has been
in existence more than  300 000 students have  had the opportunity to  do a
recognised period  of study abroad and more than  50 000 teachers have been
able  to give  a course  in  another higher  education  establishment in  a
Community or  EFTA country.  In addition, hundreds  of intensive programmes
and a large number of curricula have been devised jointly under ERASMUS.

Annex 1: Prize winner list.

Annex 2: Members of the jury.

A video and  photographs of the ceremony  can be obtained from  the ERASMUS
Office (tel. 00 32 2 233 01 11; fax 00 32 2 233 01 50).



Staff member : 
Mrs Chantal  Zoller Devroey
Director,  Departement  of International  Relations,  Université  Libre  de
Bruxelles (ULB) 

Student :
Erasmus Student Netwerk - Gent


Staff member :
Prof. Lise-Lotte Hjulmand
Vice-Chairman of the International Committee, Copenhagen Business School

Student :
Bjorn Andresen
Lars Christensen
Vivi Maiken Holde
Southern Denmark Business School


Staff member :
Mrs Ines Remer
Mrs Christiane Schmidt
Co-workers, Eramsus Coordinating Office of the University of Leipzig

Student :
Ulrike Schewe
Oliver Tieste
University of Bremen


Staff member :
Dr. Vasso Tocatlidou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Student :
Konstantinos G. SAVAKIS
Athens University of Economics and Business


Staff member :
Mr. Carles Marti Jufresa
University of Barcelona

Student :
Juan Manuel Revuelta Perez
University of Valencia


Staff member :
Mr. Michel JOUVE
Vice President, Université Michel de Montaigne (Bordeaux III)

Student : 
Sonia Belmar
Université de Grenoble III


Staff member :
Mrs Maria Sticchi Damiani
Institutional Coordinator ECTS (Business administration) -  Free University
of Social Studies in Rome (LUISS)

Student : 
Matteo Tricarico
University of Siena


Staff member : 
Mrs Atie Siddré
Hogeschool voor Economische Studies Rotterdam

Student : 
Jelle Calsbeek
Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden


Staff member :
Prof. Luiz Miguel Oosterbeek
Escola Superior de Technologia de Tomar

Student : 
Vitor Miguel Marques Pereira Dias
Lisbon New University


Staff member :
Mr Ciaran Taaffe
Vice Principal, Dublin Institute of Technology

Student : 
Leslie Burke
Waterford Regional Technical College


Staff member : 
Dr A. K. Smith
Department of Chemistry, the University of Liverpool

Student :
Philip Dalton
Adrian Lurie
University of Warwick


Staff member : 
Dr Manfred Grassenbauer
Technische Universität Wien

Student : 
Gerhard Schloffer
University of Graz


Staff member : 
Ms Outi Savonlahti
Director of International Relations, University of Joensuu

Student : 
Marja Blomqvist
Helsinki University of Technology


Staff member : 
Dr Mikael Karlsson
Associate Professor in Philosophy, University of Iceland

Student : 
Larus Pall Olafsson
University of Iceland


Staff member : 
Mr Jan Petter Myklebust
Director, Office of International Relations University of Bergen

Student : 
Hans Olav Raen
Agder College, Kristiansand


Staff member : 
Mr Nils Larsson
International Officer, Växjö University College

Student : 
Elin Frykman
Lund University


Staff member : 
Mr Klaus Kühne
Department of Social Work, Höhere Fachschule für Sozialarbeit HFS Bern

Student : 
Ursula Kundert
University of Zürich

Annex 2 : Jury of ERASMUS Prizes 1994

Chair : Mrs Nicole FONTAINE, Vice Président of the European Parlement

Members : 

- Prof. Josep BRICALL
  President of ERC (European Rector's Conference)

- Prof. Socrates KAPLANIS
  President of Eurashe

- Prof. Valerio GREMENTIERI
  Memebr of the EAC (Erasmus Advisory Committee)

  Rector of the University of Jyväskylä

* * * 

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