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The ERASMUS  1994 award ceremony will be  held at the Théâtre Résidence
Palace in  Brussels on Sunday, 4 December 1994 at 19.00 in the presence
of  Mr Antonio  Ruberti, Member  of  the Commission,  the Ministers  of
Education  of  the Member  countries  of  the  European Union,  and  of
celebrities  from the political  and academic worlds.  This event marks
the success  of the ERASMUS programme since 1987 and will take place on
the eve of  the meeting  of the  Council of Ministers  of Education  to
adopt  the SOCRATES programme,  a new Community  programme on education
for the 1995-99 period.

The ERASMUS  programme has over the  past seven academic  years enabled
over 300 000  students to  spend a recognised  period of study  abroad,
and  over 50 000 teachers  to give tuition  in another higher education
establishment in the  Community or an EFTA country.  In addition, under
the aegis  of  ERASMUS,  hundreds of  intensive  programmes  have  been
organised  and a  large number  of  curricula developed  jointly. In  a
word, the success of the programme  has exceeded all expectations, even
the  most optimistic,  and has  opened  up fresh  prospects for  inter-
university  cooperation at  the European  level.  It is  under the  new
SOCRATES  programme  that  the actions  undertaken  under  the  ERASMUS
programme will be pursued and built upon over the next five years.

To mark  this transition  the Commission has  decided to award  ERASMUS
prizes to people (teachers, members  of university administrative staff
and students) who  have distinguished themselves by  their contribution
to the  dissemination and  the success  of the  ERASMUS programme.  Two
prizes will thus  be awarded per  participating country (the  countries
of the  EU and the EFTA),  one for the "university  staff" category and
one for the "students" category.

A European  jury will make  the final selection  of the winners  on the
basis of the proposals  submitted by the national  agencies responsible
for awarding ERASMUS grants and  by the Commission. The members of  the
jury,  chaired  by  the  Vice-President  of  the  European  Parliament,
Mrs Nicole Fontaine,  are: Prof. Bricall,  President of  the Conference
of European  Rectors; Prof. Salinnen, President  of the  Nordic Council
of  Rectors;   Prof. Grementieri,  member   of  the  ERASMUS   Advisory
Committee  and winner  of the  ERASMUS prize  in 1990;  Prof. Kaplanis,
outgoing  President  of EURASHE  (European  association comprising  the
presidents of non-university higher education establishments).

The  prize-giving ceremony will be open to  the press. A video cassette
and photos of  the ceremony will be available from  5 December from the
ERASMUS Bureau (Tel.: 02/233.01.11, Fax: 02/233.01.50).
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