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  On 9 September, the Vice-President of the Commission, Mr Manuel Marin,
  chaired the 36th meeting in Dublin of the Administrative Board of the
  European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working
  Conditions, at which a new four-year work programme was adopted which
  will make of the Foundation a forum in which discussion of the social
  consequences of completion of the internal market will be deepened.
  The programme, entitled "1992 and Beyond: new opportunities for action
  to improve living and working conditions in Europe", contains six
  major subjects for the Foundation's consideration in the 1989-1992
  period :
  -     the development of the social dialogue and industrial relations;
  -     the restructuring of working life;
  -     the promotion of health and safety;
  -     the protection of the environment, the worker and the public;
  -     raising the standard of living and quality of life for all;
  -     the study of the technologies of the future.
  The findings of the studies which will be undertaken by the Foundation
  as part of this new programme will be put at the disposal of the four
  groups which make up the Administrative Board - the Governements of
  the Member States, employers, trade unions and the Commission - which
  will make the programme a direct instrument in promotion of the social
  dialogue in Europe.
  The six main topics of the programme will form the strategic framework
  within which the Foundation will develop its activities over the next
  four years and successive annual programmes will lay down more
  specific activities. The programme will include research and
  information activities. The first will be implemented by means of
  contracts with international multidiscipline teams and the
  organization of round tables, working meetings and seminars. The
  information activities will look ways of diversifying and
  disseminating the results of the Foundation's work.
  As was stated by Mr Marin at the Foundation meeting, the programme
  will help to provide the information necessary to those who adopt its
  policy decisions to cope with the social consequences of all kinds
  deriving from completion of the internal market, the aim of which is
  none other than to impart a new impetus to economic growth and job

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