PM² Tailoring-&-Customisation

In order to ensure that the Methodology effectively serves the project’s needs, some level of tailoring or/and customisation may be required.

Tailoring refers to changes to specific parts of the methodology (e.g. process steps). It is done in order to adapt the methodology to the needs of specific types of project (e.g. IT, promotional, events, etc.) while taking into account organisational processes, policies, and culture. Tailoring makes more sense at the organisation level (e.g. at unit level), but minor tailoring can also take place at the project level. All tailoring should be documented in the Project Handbook.

However, as every project is unique, additional customisation may also be required. This takes place at the project level and reflects the project’s specific management needs.

The following guidelines must be taken into account for all tailoring and customisation:

  • Significant deviations from the methodology should be avoided, as the methodology was designed as an integrated whole.
  • There should be a balance between the levels of control a project needs and the extra effort such control requires.
  • The tailored and customised approach should remain aligned with the spirit of the PM² Methodology as reflected in the processes, templates, guidelines and mindsets.