The purpose of this quick start guide is to help you get started with applying PM². Naturally, you will want to start by learning more about the PM² Methodology and review the available PM² material. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to become an expert before you can start applying the basics of PM² in your projects. All you need is a brief introduction to the PM² Methodology and then you can continue by following the six Quick Start steps:

Quickstart steps:

1. Define the Project Governance and Create a Business Case 

  • Set up the Project Steering Committee (PSC)
  • Provide the justification for the project, capture the business requirements and establish its budgetary constraints.
  • Artefact: Business Case

2. Identify Stakeholders and create the Project Charter

  • Define the project scope
  • Identify those stakeholders who should contribute to the Project Charter
  • Capture and document the high-level requirements, assumptions and constraints
  • Decide on a project approach and estimate required resources, costs and timing
  • Artefact: Project Charter

3. Setup the Project Logs

  • Set up the Risk Log, Issue Log, Decision Log and Change Log. These will be used to document the management of risks, issues and changes to project scope.
  • Artefacts: Issue Log, Risk Log, Change Log, Decision Log

4. Kick-off the Project Planning with a Meeting

  • Invite all necessary participants to the planning meeting 
  • Go over the Project Charter and ensure a common understanding
  • Communicate the next steps for the planning phase
  • Artefacts: Planning Kick-off Meeting / MoMs

5. Tailor the Project Management approach 

  • Decide which planning documents to use and how they should be tailored
  • Define rules, assign team responsibilities and define a conflict resolution process
  • Artefact: Project Handbook

6. Create the Project Work Plan

  • Break down the work that needs to be done in smaller and more manageable pieces (create the  Work Breakdown)
  • Estimate the Effort and Cost for each piece of work  
  • Establish the detailed budgetary and resource requirements.
  • Create a work schedule (identify dependencies, assign resources
    and dates)
  • Artefact: Project Work Plan

PM² Quickstart Guide

Quickstart resources:

The PM² Guide (PDF)

The guide documents the PM² Project Management Methodology. It has been kept as light as possible while still ensuring that it provides adequate information to help you both understand and use PM² effectively.

Training & Certification

  • Follow the PM² Project Management Training Program. The PM² Training Program offers IT, Business and Management courses
  • Get PM² Certified
  • Register via the EULearn application

PM² Support, Coaching and Workshops

  • Get advice on how to tailor your PM² rollout plan
  • Receive support to help you start using PM²
  • Learn about PM², the PM² artefacts and get practical advice
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss specific project management issues, ask questions and share experiences