Where can I find the PM² Publications or access the PM² Courses material?

PM² Publications and updated courses materials are available on the Course Material page.

We can provide on demand paper copies of our publications, as well as promotional material such as brochures and posters for you and your DGs.

Can I use the PM² template as is or should I customize them to my DG’s identity?

There is plenty of "freedom" on how projects can use the PM² templates; however, there are two requirements:

  • For purposes of configuration management and traceability, it should be obvious that these templates are PM² Templates (keep the logo and provide a link to the PM² wiki). The version of the template should also be easily identifiable.
  • Some level of uniformity for EC project documents should be maintained.

The PM² templates comply with the visual identity of the EC, so we think it’s fine to use them as is. On the other hand if you wish to customize the cover page to comply with your DG's visual identity, then that is also fine (as long as the two above mentioned requirements are satisfied).

How can I access/find to the following publications: PM Tools & Techniques, Artefacts, templates & guidelines.

All the PM² publications can be find here.

Are there versions of PM² in other languages?

The PM² Overview guide is already available in several languages. You can find them here.

If you want to contribute to the work, check out the page corresponding to your language and engage with the people working on the translation. If you are alone, let us know!

How can I get involved in translations?

Country teams that are interested to translate the Overview to their local language are strongly advised to register their interest as a comment to the respective country page. CoEPM² will subsequently get in touch to provide the artefacts in editable format to be used for the translation. The standards used for the terminology are ISO21500 as well as IATE (European Union terminology). If you are alone, let us know!

Can I receive the printed version of the material?

To receive a physical copy of the PM² Publications, you can contact us directly.