What is PM²?

The PM² is a methodology that addresses the project needs for the complete lifecycle of projects and attempts to cover the complete project lifecycle as well as stakeholders needs and views.

PM² provides a simple and pragmatic solution for project management encompassing best practices such as PMI, PRINCE2 (and TEMPO), CMMi and operational experience from within European Commission. This methodology is a natural extension of RUP @EC beyond IT needs and incorporates key elements of RUP @EC on the project management discipline.

In what type of projects is PM² applicable?

PM² addresses project management best practices for all project types.

How do I get started with PM²?

The best way to start with PM² is to download and read the PM² guide, and then follow a PM² course.

This website is a good way to start reading about PM². The methodology is presented, based on the PM² Guide V.3.0. It also provide you the templates that you can download and use for your projects.

How do I use PM²?

A good way to start is by visiting this website. Considering that PM² describes a generic approach for all type of projects, you can customise PM² specifically to your project needs. If you are not able to do so or if you need further support and assistance, you can ask for support from (see details in other question of this FAQ).

Who can help me implementing PM²?

PM² team is supporting this methodology within the European Institutions. Community meetings and forums are ideal places for asking questions and seeking help. 

What do I do if I have suggestions for improvements to PM²?

The PM² is subject to continuous improvement and you can send us your comments. The PM² Team will welcome any suggestion for improvement or perhaps ideas which could benefit other users of the PM². You are encouraged to contact us for any recommendation. 

What is the added value of PM² Certification?

PM² Certifications should not be seen as a goal but are only as a means to end. They are simply a recognition of accomplishment, a reward for the commitment and effort one has put in towards Project Management education/training.

The Certification process offers an opportunity to participants to review the training materials and their learnings in a more focused and in depth manner. 

It provides them with an incentive to discuss, explore and reflect on specific ways of applying the many PM² best practices, while the certification exams serve as a way to test their theoretical knowledge (First Level Certification), and their ability to put some of this knowledge into practice (Second Level Certification).

PM² Certified EC Staff belong to a growing community of Project Managers which become project management champions and PM² advocates within their organisations. They become integral members of the EU wide PM² Support Network and are increasingly recognised by Management as professionals that are more qualified to lead and positively contribute to critical and strategic EC projects.

Is PM² recognised outside the European Commission?

PM² is a methodology developed by the European Commission - people not affiliated to the EC do not currently have access to the PM² certification scheme.

At the same time, PM² is a collection of many generally accepted best practices and therefore offers a valuable (and portable) theoretical background in project management. When you complete a PM² training programme you can request a certificate of attendance which is proof that you have completed several days of high quality PM training. PM² is becoming more and more popular among private organisations and third parties outside the European Union Institutions.

How to join the community?

You can join the PM² community on by registering on this website, contributing to the forums and opting-in for our newsletter.

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Who’s the person of contact in…?

If you wish to become a person of contact, please contact us