PM² : The Project Management methodology developed by the European Commission​

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PM² is a light and easy-to-implement methodology that project teams can tailor to their specific needs. It is completely free to use and all related materials (methodology guide, project templates, learning material) are open source.

PM² is being used successfully across the EU on a variety of projects (IT, communication campaigns, telecom, business development…) and allow project teams to focus on delivering value and positive impact to their beneficiaries and clients.

Feel free to visit this website to discover what PM² is, how you can adapt it to your needs and how to join the growing community of PM² fans!

Our goal is to provide open access to the PM² Project Management Methodology and overall PM² Offering to all European Union Institutions, European Agencies, Service Providers, Public Administrations in the Member States & the European private sector also.

This will enable increased effectiveness in the management and communication of project work serving the objectives of the European Union and needs of Member States and EU citizens.

PM² aims to help avoid repeating mistakes of the past of replicating efforts and sponsoring divergent PM approaches based on "differences" rather than investing in converging approaches based on "similarities and common interest" of the EU Institutions and Public Administrations.

PM² is (also) supported, as an initiative, by Digital Europe Programme to bring the PM² methodology and its benefits to the EU member states and, thus, closer to its broader stakeholders and user community.

Previously, PM² was supported by ISA² European Programme (2016-2020). Access to the respective PM² solution page is here.

PM² is part of  the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) Toolbox.

PM² Offering

PM² Success Stories

Elisabetta De Santis
Member of Order of Engineers
Rome, Italy

The OpenPM² methodology gives the great opportunity to implement Project Management in the organisations with an open and free standard. It is a huge impetus to use Project Management especially in Public Administration and to have a common model and vocabulary in public and private organisations. In order to promote the OpenPM² framework and make...

Ana Coelho

The OpenPM²​ is an easy to use project management methodology, even for private organisations. It fits the needs without being very complex and allows tailoring to different types and sizes of projects. When we settled the PMO in the IT Consulting Company, the adoption of the OpenPM² framework was a quick win in increasing the control of projects...