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The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020, after 47 years of EU membership. In accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement, it is now officially a third country to the EU and hence...

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14/07/2020 - Business, taxation and competition / Consumer affairs and public health / Covid-19
Josep Borrell Fontelles © EU
13/07/2020 - Covid-19 / Enlargement, external relations and trade

Foreign affairs ministers discussed EU-Turkey relations, Latin America and the Caribbean in light of COVID 19, and current affairs.

Olaf Scholz, German Federal Minister of Finance © EU
10/07/2020 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

Finance ministers exchanged views on the progress achieved on measures to respond to the COVID-19 crisis at EU level. They held a discussion on the priorities to bring the capital markets union forward. They also took stock of the convergence reports for the adoption of the single currency by non-euro member states published by the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

Justice and fundamental rights on the EU map © EU
10/07/2020 - Justice and citizens’ rights

Today, the European Commission published the 2020 EU Justice Scoreboard - a comparative overview of the efficiency, quality and independence of justice systems in all EU Member States. This year's scoreboard shows a continued improvement in the efficiency of justice systems in a large number of Member States.

Illustration of a modern city © EU
10/07/2020 - Business / Research and innovation

The Commission publishes today a set of resources to help traders, online platforms and search engines get the most out of the new Platform to Business rules, which apply from this Sunday, 12 July. In addition, three progress reports prepared by the expert group for the Observatory on the Online Platform Economy are published for feedback.

Véhicules sur l’autoroute © UE
09/07/2020 - Employment and social rights / Transport and travel

Parliament backs revised rules to improve drivers’ working conditions and stop distortion of competition in road transport. MEPs endorsed all three legal acts without any amendments, as adopted by EU ministers in April 2020.

Illustration of clean energy sources © EU
08/07/2020 - Energy, environment and climate

The EU strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen will pave the way towards a more efficient and interconnected energy sector, driven by the twin goals of a cleaner planet and a stronger economy.

Didier Reynders © EU
07/07/2020 - Consumer affairs and public health

The European Commission published its latest report on the Commission's system to prevent or restrict the selling of dangerous products on the market, the so-called ‘Rapid Alert System'.

Paolo Gentiloni © EU
07/07/2020 - Economy and the euro

The EU economy will experience a deep recession this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite the swift and comprehensive policy response at both EU and national levels.

Hands holding blue and yellow stars © EU
03/07/2020 - Justice and citizens’ rights

The European Commission has launched a revamped version of the ‘Have Your Say' portal. This online platform invites all citizens, (including businesses and non-governmental organisations), to share their views on Commission initiatives at key stages in the legislative process.

The island of Samsoe: an example of a self-sufficient community in renewable energy © EU
03/07/2020 - Energy, environment and climate / Research and innovation

The Commission is launching today the first call for proposals under the Innovation Fund, one of the world's largest programmes for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies, financed by revenues from the auction of emission allowances from the EU's Emissions Trading System.

Investment plan for Europe illustration © EU
02/07/2020 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro / Employment and social rights

The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group have delivered on their pledge to mobilise €500 billion in investment under the Investment Plan for Europe.

02/07/2020 - Institutional affairs / Justice and citizens’ rights


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