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Roaming charges ended in the European Union on 15 June 2017. Europeans travelling within EU countries will 'Roam Like at Home' and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data.

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European Parliament building in Strasbourg © EU
15/06/2018 - Institutional affairs

From stricter drone rules to migration and the new composition of the Parliament: overview of June's plenary session in Strasbourg. 

The European Parliament hemicycle © EU
13/06/2018 - Institutional affairs

The European Parliament will shrink from 751 to 705 MEPs when the United Kingdom leaves the EU, leaving room for new countries that may join in the future.

G7 family photo © EU
09/06/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Institutional affairs

Leaders of the G7 committed to fight protectionism and to defend the rules-based international trading system. G7 leaders called for the modernisation of the World Trade Organisation. They also stressed the need to avoid excess capacity in sectors such as aluminium and high technology. 

Jean-Claude Juncker © EU
31/05/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Institutional affairs

The US announced that starting on 1 June 2018 it will impose additional duties of 25 % and 10 % respectively on imports of steel and aluminium from the EU.

Valdis Dombrovskis, Marianne Thyssen , Pierre Moscovici © EU
23/05/2018 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs

The European Commission presents the 2018 country-specific recommendations (CSRs), setting out its economic policy guidance for Member States for the next 12 to 18 months. 

Günther Oettinger © EU
23/05/2018 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs

The Commission proposed the 2019 draft EU Budget of €166 billion in commitments, corresponding to a 3% increase over 2018, investing in a stronger and more resilient European economy and promoting solidarity and security on both sides of the EU's borders.

17/05/2018 - Institutional affairs / Justice and citizens’ rights
Frans Timmermans and Ekaterina Zaharieva © EU
14/05/2018 - Institutional affairs

The Council discussed the EU's long-term budget for the 2021-2027 period. It also began preparations for the June European Council and exchanged views on the rule of law in Poland. 

‘EU budget for the future’ logo © EU
02/05/2018 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs

The Commission is proposing a pragmatic, modern, long-term budget for the 2021-2027 period. It is an honest response to today's reality in which Europe is expected to play a greater role in providing security and stability in an unstable world, at a time when Brexit will leave a sizeable gap in our budget. 

European Parliament building, Strasbourg © EU
20/04/2018 - Institutional affairs

MEPs adopted legislation to reduce waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions during April's plenary session. They also debated the future of Europe with French president Emmanuel Macron. 

17/04/2018 - Institutional affairs
Corina Cretu and Tomislav Donchev © EU
12/04/2018 - EU regional and urban development / Institutional affairs

The Council discussed the future of cohesion policy after 2020. The debate will feed into the Commission's preparations for its proposals on the legislative package for cohesion policy post-2020. 

23/03/2018 - Institutional affairs

The spring European Council focused on economic affairs, in particular on trade. Heads of state or government also looked at a number of other pressing issues, including the Salisbury attack, Turkey, the Western Balkans and taxation.

MEPs voting during plenary session © EU
16/03/2018 - Institutional affairs

In a busy week in Strasbourg MEPs called for an ambitious EU budget, voted in favour of increasing transparency on parcel delivery prices and condemned new US tariffs on steel. 

Euro-Symbol, Scheine und Münzen © EU
14/03/2018 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs

MEPs have set out their position on the next long-term EU budget, which should finance new priorities as well as make up for any shortfall caused by Brexit. The European Parliament adopted two resolutions on the expenditure and revenue sides of the next multi-annual financial framework (MFF), to apply from 2021.

Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker during Plenary debate © EU
14/03/2018 - Institutional affairs

Plenary endorses a resolution laying out a possible association framework for future EU-UK relations after Brexit. Taking into account red lines announced by the UK government, an association agreement between the EU and the UK could provide an appropriate framework for their future relationship, says the resolution. 

British and European flags © EU
28/02/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Institutional affairs

The draft Withdrawal Agreement consists of six parts – including introductory provisions, citizens' rights, other separation issues such as goods placed on the market before the withdrawal date, the financial settlement, transitional arrangements, and institutional provisions – and a protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland.

Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission © EU
27/02/2018 - Energy, environment and climate / Institutional affairs / Justice and citizens’ rights

The Council began preparations for the European Council meeting on 22 and 23 March. The Council also adopted a regulation to ban unjustified geo-blocking in the internal market and approved the reform of the EU emissions trading system (ETS) for the period after 2020.


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