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Roaming charges ended in the European Union on 15 June 2017. Europeans travelling within EU countries will 'Roam Like at Home' and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data.

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Representation of collaborative economy © EU
15/06/2017 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

The EU should reap the benefits of the “collaborative” or “sharing” economy, while ensuring fair competition, workers’ rights and tax compliance.

View of meeting room, Luxembourg © EU
13/06/2017 - Economy and the euro

Central counterparties (CCPs) from the EU are already well regulated and equipped to deal with financial distress, thanks to a raft of measures adopted in the wake of the financial crisis. However, further reforms to ensure a more consistent and robust supervision of CCPs in EU and non-EU countries are now needed to deal with emerging challenges.

Valdis Dombrovskis & Jyrki Katainen © EU
08/06/2017 - Economy and the euro

Today the Commission is taking further steps to drive forward the Capital Markets Union (CMU), a pivotal project of the Juncker Commission to boost jobs and growth in Europe. 

Günther Oettinger © EU
30/05/2017 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs

The Commission today proposed a draft budget for 2018 of €161 billion in commitments to stimulate the creation of more jobs, especially for young people, and to boost growth and strategic investments.

Valdis Dombrovskis and Edward Scicluna © EU
23/05/2017 - Economy and the euro

The Council agreed on a new system for resolving double taxation disputes between member states. Ministers also discussed a proposal for a common corporate tax base (CCTB) in the EU, aimed at reducing the administrative burden of multinational companies. 

Valdis Dombrovskis , Marianne Thyssen, Pierre Moscovici © EU
22/05/2017 - Economy and the euro

Member States should use the window of opportunity offered by the economic recovery to pursue structural reforms, boost investment and strengthen their public finances.

Pierre Moscovici © EU
11/05/2017 - Economy and the euro

The European economy has entered its fifth year of recovery, which is now reaching all EU Member States. This is expected to continue at a largely steady pace this year and next. 

Andrus Ansip © UE
10/05/2017 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro / Justice and citizens’ rights

Having reached the middle of its mandate, the European Commission published today the mid-term review of its Digital Single Market strategy. It takes stock of the progress made, calls on co-legislators to swiftly act on all proposals already presented, and outlines further actions on online platforms, data economy and cybersecurity.

Valdis Dombrovskis © EU
04/05/2017 - Economy and the euro

The reforms provide simpler and more proportionate rules for over-the-counter derivatives to reduce costs and regulatory burdens for market participants without compromising financial stability.

Map of EU with illustration of cross-border business © EU
02/05/2017 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

Today's package of measures will make it easier for people and companies to manage their paperwork online in their home country or when working, living or doing business in another EU country and it will help ensure that commonly agreed EU rules are respected.

Fishing boats in Malta © EU
19/04/2017 - Economy and the euro / Energy, environment and climate / EU regional and urban development

Today the European Commission launches a new initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the Western Mediterranean region.

Valdis Dombrovskis © EU
23/03/2017 - Consumer affairs and public health / Economy and the euro

The European Commission is today presenting an Action Plan that sets out ways to provide European consumers with greater choice and better access to financial services across the EU. 

Valdis Dombrovskis et Edward Scicluna © UE
21/03/2017 - Economy and the euro

The Council discussed the implementation of country-specific recommendations under the 'European Semester', focusing on the reform experiences in this area in the member states. 

Valdis Dombrovskis, Marianne Thyssen, Pierre Moscovici © EU
22/02/2017 - Economy and the euro

The European Commission today publishes its annual analysis of the economic and social situation in the Member States, including an assessment of remaining imbalances. 

Valdis Dombrovskis and Edward Scicluna © EU
21/02/2017 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

The Council agreed its position on rules aimed at closing down 'hybrid mismatches' with the tax systems of third countries. It also set its priorities for the 2018 EU budget, calling for a realistic budget that strikes the right balance between fiscal consolidation and new investments conducive to growth and jobs. 

Christian Cardona, Maltese Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Vera Jourova and Elzbieta Bienkowska, members of the European Commission © EU
20/02/2017 - Economy and the euro

The Council agreed on a general approach to strengthen consumer protection cooperation in the internal market. Effective consumer protection has to respond in particular to the challenges of the digital economy and the development of cross-border retail trade in the EU.

13/02/2017 - Economy and the euro

Having proven resilient to global challenges last year, the European economic recovery is expected to continue this year and next: for the first time in almost a decade, the economies of all EU Member States are expected to grow throughout the entire forecasting period (2016, 2017 and 2018). However, the outlook is surrounded by higher-than-usual uncertainty.


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