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Roaming charges ended in the European Union on 15 June 2017. Europeans travelling within EU countries will 'Roam Like at Home' and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data.

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Donald Tusk, Herman Van Rompuy and Federica Mogherini © EU
30/08/2014 - Institutional affairs

At the meeting the new President of the European Council and EU High Representative were appointed. EU leaders also discussed the weak economy and the situation in Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq.

Woman in job centre © EU
29/08/2014 - Employment and social rights / Statistics

The euro area (EA18) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 11.5% in July 2014, stable compared with June 2014, but down from 11.9% in July 2013. The EU28 unemployment rate was 10.2% in July 2014, also stable compared with June 2014, but down from 10.9% in July 2013.

Pen on graph © EU
28/08/2014 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro / Statistics

In August the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) fell in the euro area (by 1.5 points to 100.6) and the EU (by 1.2 points at 104.6). The Business Climate Indicator (BCI) for the euro area remained broadly flat (at +0.16) compared to July (+0.17).

Customs officers removing boxes from containers © EU
21/08/2014 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro / Justice and citizens’ rights

Robust customs risk management is essential to protect the safety and security of the EU and its citizens, the interests of legitimate traders and EU financial interests, while at the same time enabling the smooth flow of trade.

Euro symbol, coins and notes © EU
14/08/2014 - Economy and the euro / Statistics

Euro area annual inflation was 0.4% in July 2014, down from 0.5% in June. This is the lowest annual inflation rate since October 2009. In July 2013 the rate was 1.6%. Monthly inflation was -0.7% in July 2014.

European Central Bank Building in Frankfurt © EU
07/08/2014 - Economy and the euro / Statistics

The Governing Council of the ECB decided that the interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will remain unchanged at 0.15%, 0.40% and -0.10% respectively.

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