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On 23 June 2016 citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU).

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01/03/2016 - Institutional affairs

The European Commission is launching a public consultation on the Transparency Register to gather stakeholder views on a future mandatory system for all EU institutions.

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29/02/2016 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

Following a debate, the Council adopted conclusions on the single market strategy for services and goods focusing on key areas for creating growth and jobs.

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29/02/2016 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Research and innovation

The European Commission today issued the legal texts that will put in place the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and a Communication summarising the actions taken over the last years to restore trust in transatlantic data flows since the 2013 surveillance revelations.

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26/02/2016 - Consumer affairs and public health / Enlargement, external relations and trade

The Action Plan is an ambitious blueprint that mobilises all EU diplomatic, trade and development cooperation tools to crack down on what has become one of the most profitable criminal activities worldwide.

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26/02/2016 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs / Statistics

The European Commission today published its annual analysis of the economic and social challenges in the EU Member States, the so-called Country Reports.

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25/02/2016 - Justice and citizens’ rights

The Council discussed the current migratory situation, including the monitoring of implementation of the measures already agreed at recent meetings of the European Council and Council.

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25/02/2016 - Institutional affairs

Parliament's economic, social and single market priorities for 2016 were adopted on Thursday in three separate resolutions. MEPs gave their input to the upcoming March economic summit, focusing on the implementation of the Stability and Growth Pact, its social aspects and how to further exploit the economic potential of the single market.

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25/02/2016 - Institutional affairs / Justice and citizens’ rights

In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law.

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25/02/2016 - Research and innovation

Today the European Commission published the results of the 2016 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). The findings show that Member States have made progress in areas such as connectivity and digital skills, as well as in public services, since the publication of the Commission's Digital Single Market Strategy last year.

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24/02/2016 - Culture, education and youth

The Council adopted a resolution on socio-economic development and inclusiveness in the EU through education. The text focuses on measures to ensure targeted investment in education and on how best to address skills gaps in order to restore jobs and promote sustainable economic growth in Europe.

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23/02/2016 - Research and innovation

The EU and Brazil signed an agreement to develop 5G, the next generation of communication networks. The Commission also started work on an action plan to deploy the technology in the EU by 2020.

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22/02/2016 - Economy and the euro / EU regional and urban development

The Juncker Commission’s top priority is to get Europe growing again and to increase the number of jobs without creating new debt. The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) – the heart of the Investment Plan for Europe - and European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) both play a crucial role in creating jobs and growth.

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16/02/2016 - Institutional affairs

The Council finalised preparations for the next European Council to take place in Brussels on 18 and 19 February. Ministers took note of the ongoing talks on addressing UK concerns in view of reaching an agreement at the European Council in advance of the in/out referendum in the UK.

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15/02/2016 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The Council discussed and adopted conclusions on climate diplomacy, Belarus and Moldova. It also discussed the political, security and humanitarian situation in Syria.

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15/02/2016 - Food, farming and fisheries

The Presidency presented its work programme and priorities in the areas of agriculture and fisheries. The main priority is the future of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

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15/02/2016 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The European Union today launches the European Medical Corps to help mobilise medical and public health teams and equipment for emergencies inside and outside the EU.

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15/02/2016 - Business, taxation and competition / Consumer affairs and public health

The European Commission launched a new platform to help consumers and traders solve online disputes over a purchase made online. The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform offers a single point of entry that allows EU consumers and traders to settle their disputes for both domestic and cross-border online purchases.

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12/02/2016 - Economy and the euro

The Council set out its priorities as efforts are strengthened to prevent the financing of terrorism. This follows publication by the Commission of an action plan to overcome current challenges, and in response to recent terrorist attacks.


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