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Roaming charges ended in the European Union on 15 June 2017. Europeans travelling within EU countries will 'Roam Like at Home' and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data.

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28/02/2014 - Institutional affairs

The situation in Ukraine was extensively debated by MEPs during February's second plenary session in Strasbourg that took place on 24-27 February. MEPs also approved measures to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars and vans and ways to discourage young people from taking up smoking.

28/02/2014 - Employment and social rights / Statistics

The euro area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 12.0% in January 2014, stable since October 2013. It was also 12.0% in January 2013. The EU28 unemployment rate was 10.8% in January 2014, stable since October 2013.

28/02/2014 - Justice and citizens’ rights

Women in Europe still work 59 days ‘for free’ – this is what the latest figures released today by the European Commission show.

27/02/2014 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The EU must help Ukraine with urgent financial aid while enforcing targeted sanctions against those responsible for violence there, say MEPs in a resolution.

26/02/2014 - Consumer affairs and public health

Draft legislation updating the EU Tobacco Directive to make tobacco products less attractive to young people was endorsed by MEPs.

26/02/2014 - Transport and travel

Competition to provide better rail passenger services should warm up under draft rules voted in the European Parliament.

25/02/2014 - Justice and citizens’ rights

Rules to make it easier for national authorities to freeze and confiscate crooks' assets across the EU were approved by Parliament.

25/02/2014 - Economy and the euro / Statistics

The European Commission's winter forecast foresees a continuation of the economic recovery in most Member States and in the EU as a whole. After exiting recession in spring 2013 and three consecutive quarters of subdued recovery, the outlook is for a moderate step-up in economic growth.

25/02/2014 - Consumer affairs and public health / Transport and travel

New rules designed to achieve the CO2 emission reduction target of 95g/km for new cars by 2020 were endorsed by Parliament.

Euro bills © EU
24/02/2014 - Economy and the euro / Statistics

Euro area annual inflation was 0.8% in January 2014, stable compared to December 2013. A year earlier the rate was 2.0%. Monthly inflation was -1.1% in January 2014.

Justitia und europäische Flagge im Hintergrund © EU
20/02/2014 - Institutional affairs

The Commission has taken 121 decisions, including 18 reasoned opinions and 8 referrals to the European Union's Court of Justice.

20/02/2014 - EU regional and urban development / Transport and travel

Recognising the sector's potential for sustainable growth and job creation, the strategy outlines 14 EU actions to help coastal regions and businesses tackle the challenges they face and strengthen the sector's position as a key driver of Europe's blue economy.

17/02/2014 - Business, taxation and competition

According to a European Commission report on the current status of EU industry, most sectors have still not regained their pre-crisis level of output and significant differences exist between sectors and Member States.

13/02/2014 - Economy and the euro / Research and innovation

The EU's app sector has gone from zero to digital superhero in less than five years. By 2018 it could employ 4.8 million people and contribute €63 billion to the EU economy according to a report presented in Brussels.

12/02/2014 - Research and innovation / Transport and travel

Two European standards organisations, ETSI and CEN, confirmed that the basic set of standards requested by the European Commission to make connected cars a reality has been fully completed.

12/02/2014 - Research and innovation

In the wake of large-scale Internet surveillance and reduced trust in the internet, the European Commission proposes a key reform to the way the Internet is managed and run.

10/02/2014 - Justice and citizens’ rights / Research and innovation

What are the main future cybercrime threats on the horizon? And how has the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) contributed to protect European citizens and businesses since its launch in January 2013? These questions are at the core of an EC3 report presented today.

Gebäude des Europäischen Parlaments in Straßburg © EU
07/02/2014 - Institutional affairs

MEPs voted to make the recognition of official documents easier in another EU member state during the 3-6 February plenary session, backed rules to punish manipulators of financial markets and urged an EU-wide strategy to combat homophobia and protect the rights of LGBTI people.

Euro bills in someone’s hands © EU
06/02/2014 - Economy and the euro

As part of the intensified battle against tax fraud, the Commission launched the process to start negotiations with Russia and Norway on administrative cooperation agreements in the area of Value Added Tax (VAT).

05/02/2014 - Justice and citizens’ rights / Transport and travel

Delayed or stranded air passengers would be likelier to win compensation, and airlines would get clear rules on how to deal with passenger complaints, under a draft law voted by Parliament.


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