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12/03/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Security and defence

MEPs adopt the EU Cybersecurity certification scheme for products, processes and services, whilst also expressing their deep concern about Chinese IT in the EU.

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12/03/2019 - Business, taxation and competition / Food, farming and fisheries

New rules, approved by 589 votes in favour to 72 against, with nine abstentions, blacklist practices, such as late payments for delivered products, late unilateral cancellations or retroactive order changes, refusal by the buyer to sign a written contract with a supplier and the misuse of confidential information.

12/03/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Security and defence
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11/03/2019 - Consumer affairs and public health / Energy, environment and climate

The "Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment" that the Commission presents today, identifies six action areas concerning all stages of the pharmaceutical life cycle, where improvements can be made.

European Commissioner Dimitrios Avramopoulos and Romanian Minister Carmen-Daniela Dan © EU
08/03/2019 - Asylum and migration / Justice and citizens’ rights

On 7 March, the Council reviewed where the EU stands in its cooperation with North African countries, discussed the way forward on the EU's response to terrorism, and adopted a decision to amend the EU civil protection mechanism. On 8 March, it agreed its position on the directive on the appointment of legal representatives for the purpose of gathering of evidence in criminal proceedings.

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08/03/2019 - Business, taxation and competition

The European Commission adopted today new rules to help insurers to invest in equity and private debt and to provide long-term capital financing.

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07/03/2019 - Employment and social rights

On the occasion of this year's International Women's Day, the Commission has published its 2019 report on equality between women and men in the EU. The good news is that Europe is making progress; however, we must speed up change.

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07/03/2019 - Institutional affairs

Today, the Commission has taken further steps in infringement procedures against 26 Member States to ensure the full implementation of EU rules on the recognition of professional qualifications.

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06/03/2019 - Asylum and migration

Ahead of the March European Council, the Commission is today taking stock of progress made over the past 4 years and setting out the measures still required to address immediate and future migration challenges.

Mr Karmenu VELLA, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries; Ms Gratiela GAVRILESCU, Romanian Minister for the Environment and Forests; Mr Ioan DENEŞ, Romanian Minister of Waters and Forests © EU
06/03/2019 - Energy, environment and climate

The Environment Council discussed the long-term climate strategy, endocrine disruptors and adopted a general approach on the drinking water directive. Ministers exchanged views on greening the European Semester.

05/03/2019 - Business / Enlargement, external relations and trade
04/03/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade
04/03/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Food, farming and fisheries
Mr Dominique RISTORI, Director-General of DG Energy of the European Commission; Mr Anton ANTON, Romanian Minister for Energy
04/03/2019 - Energy, environment and climate / Transport and travel

The Council adopted a general approach on the revision of the regulation on tyres labelling. The revision updates the energy and safety performance labels for tyres and extends the scope of the labelling system to tyres for heavy duty vehicles.

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04/03/2019 - Economy and the euro / Energy, environment and climate

The European Commission today published a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Circular economy action plan it adopted in December 2015. The report presents the main results of implementing the action plan and sketches out open challenges to paving the way towards a climate-neutral, competitive circular economy where pressure on natural and freshwater resources as well as ecosystems is minimised.

04/03/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade


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