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27/02/2019 - Economy and the euro

In its annual assessment of the economic and social situation in the Member States, the European Commission today stresses the need to promote investment, pursue responsible fiscal policies and implement well-designed reforms.

Towards a climate-neutral Europe: EU invests over €10bn in innovative clean technologies
26/02/2019 - Energy, environment and climate / Research and innovation

EU innovative climate action, as announced today, has a range of benefits for the health and prosperity of Europeans with an immediate, tangible impact on people's lives – from the creation of local green jobs and growth, to energy-efficient homes with a reduced energy bill, cleaner air, more efficient public transport systems in cities, and secure supplies of energy and other resources.

Spotlight Initiative – EU and UN fight against domestic violence in the Pacific region
26/02/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The European Union and the United Nations are announcing today a €50 million investment to tackle domestic violence in the Pacific region, as part of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative.

26/02/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade
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22/02/2019 - Business, taxation and competition / Food, farming and fisheries

The ceiling for national support to farmers will rise significantly, allowing greater flexibility and efficiency, notably in times of crisis and situations demanding a swift response by the public authorities.

22/02/2019 - Economy and the euro / Institutional affairs
Infringements: Commission adapts its calculation methodology for financial sanctions
20/02/2019 - Institutional affairs

Today, the Commission set out how it will adapt its calculation method when proposing financial sanctions to the Court of Justice of the EU in infringement proceedings. Enforcement of EU law by the Commission will continue to be vigorous, balanced and fair to all Member States

EU visa policy: Commission welcomes agreement to strengthen EU visa rules
20/02/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

Today Member States endorsed the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission's proposal to modernise the EU's common visa policy, adapting the rules to evolving security concerns, challenges linked to migration and new opportunities offered by technological developments.

20/02/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Institutional affairs
19/02/2019 - Economy and the euro
19/02/2019 - Economy and the euro
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18/02/2019 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / International aid, development and cooperation

The Council had a comprehensive discussion on Ukraine, covering the reform process as well as the security and humanitarian situation, in particular in eastern Ukraine and the Sea of Azov. The Council also discussed, among others, the situation in Syria, Venezuela, and the Horn of Africa.

New EU rules cut red tape for citizens living or working in another Member State as of tomorrow
15/02/2019 - Justice and citizens’ rights

As of tomorrow, new EU rules to cut costs and formalities for citizens living outside their home country will start to apply across the European Union.

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15/02/2019 - Institutional affairs

MEPs approved a trade deal with Singapore as well plans to screen foreign investment and better protect the victims of road accidents during this week's plenary session.

EU cross-border payments outside Eurozone: MEPs scrap excessive fees
14/02/2019 - Business, taxation and competition / Enlargement, external relations and trade

Banks should charge equally for cross-border payments in euro and domestic payments and make currency conversion costs transparent, say new rules.


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