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Michel Barnier and Gernot Blümel © EU
20/07/2018 - Institutional affairs

The Council, in EU27 format, was briefed by the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on the state of play in the Brexit negotiations. On the future relations, the Council discussed how the policy paper published by the UK government on 12 July 2018 can feed into the discussions. 

British and European flags in front of Berlaymont building © EU
19/07/2018 - Institutional affairs

The European Commission has today adopted a Communication outlining the ongoing work on the preparation for all outcomes of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.

Gerichtshammer © EU
19/07/2018 - Justice and citizens’ rights

In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law. 

19/07/2018 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro
Margrethe Vestager © EU
18/07/2018 - Business, taxation and competition

The European Commission has fined Google €4.34 billion for breaching EU antitrust rules. Since 2011, Google has imposed illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators to cement its dominant position in general internet search.

ean-Claude Juncker,Werner Hoyer © EU
18/07/2018 - Business, taxation and competition / Economy and the euro

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has mobilised €335 billion in additional investment across the EU since July 2015. The Juncker Plan has made a clear impact on the EU economy and revolutionised the way innovation is financed in Europe.

17/07/2018 - Business, taxation and competition / Consumer affairs and public health
16/07/2018 - Food, farming and fisheries
Federica Mogherini © EU
16/07/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The Council discussed Libya following the visit by the High Representative Federica Mogherini to the country on 14 July, where she inaugurated the premises of the European Union Delegation in Tripoli. 

Donald Tusk, Li Keqiang, Jean-Claude Juncker © EU
16/07/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade

The EU and China agreed to further develop the EU-China strategic partnership at the 20th EU-China summit. Leaders expressed their joint support for rules-based trade and reaffirmed their joint engagement to reform the World Trade Organisation.

16/07/2018 - Business, taxation and competition / Consumer affairs and public health
Valdis Dombrovskis and Hartwig Loger © EU
13/07/2018 - Economy and the euro

The Council issued its 2018 recommendations and opinions to member states' on their economic, employment and fiscal policies, thereby concluding this year's European Semester exercise.

Des personnes représentant diverses professions © UE
13/07/2018 - Employment and social rights

This year's edition confirms the ongoing positive labour market trends as well as an improving social situation. The numbers of people in employment reached new record levels. With almost 238 million people having a job, employment has never been higher in the EU.

NATO family photo © EU
12/07/2018 - Enlargement, external relations and trade / Security and defence

The NATO summit was an opportunity to follow up on EU-NATO cooperation. The EU and NATO signed a new joint declaration just ahead of the summit on 10 July 2018. 

Pierre Moscovici © EU
12/07/2018 - Economy and the euro

Growth is set to remain strong in 2018 and 2019, at 2.1% this year and 2% next year in both the EU and the euro area. However, after five consecutive quarters of vigorous expansion, the economic momentum moderated in the first half of 2018 and is now set to be 0.2 percentage points lower in both the EU and the euro area than had been projected in the spring.

Valdis Dombrovskis and Pierre Moscovici © EU
11/07/2018 - Economy and the euro

The Commission has adopted a decision to activate the enhanced surveillance framework for Greece to support the implementation of agreed reforms following the successful conclusion of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) stability support programme.

Frans Timmermans © EU
10/07/2018 - Institutional affairs

The Task Force concluded that a new way of working on subsidiarity and proportionality is needed to allow local and regional authorities and national Parliaments to make a more effective contribution to EU policymaking and in the design of new legislation.

10/07/2018 - Security and defence
European Parliament building, Strasbourg © EU
06/07/2018 - Institutional affairs

Copyright rules, plans to boost border security, and improved cooperation on defence were in the spotlight during this week’s plenary session. 


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