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Would you like to help us improve how the European Union communicates?

Start date : 29/07/2019
End date : 09/08/2019

We are conducting a study focused on improving the user experience on the EU website and EU Newsroom. We are interested in how and where citizens are looking for information and news on EU matters, and how we can improve their experience. This is where you come in: we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject during a simple interview session.

Normally this activity takes around 45 minutes, and you can take the interview from your home or office: you just need your laptop and a good internet connection.

Interviews can be scheduled during working hours, between 29 July and 9 August.


We know your time is valuable so to thank you for taking part in our study we would like to offer you a €50 incentive.


Remote - using GoToMeeting

After confirming the scheduled time and date for the interview, the participant will receive a link to GoToMeeting - all the instructions will be there, no installation of any software is needed.


For scheduling please reach out to Rita Borgnolo by email at:


The data collected will be kept strictly confidential and won't be shared in any way, it is for research purposes only.

Thank you

Recruiting criteria should cover:

  • Age range: Between 25 and 65 years old
  • Education: High School or GED degree; Bachelor’s degree; Masters or Doctorate
  • Profile: Journalists. EU nationals (please specify your nationality when writing to us, we are looking for a diverse pool of interviewees)
  • Language: English
  • Familiarity: Participants should have some knowledge of the EU’s website and institutions
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