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Workshop on implementing measures for the prospectus regulation

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Start date : 29/03/2017
End date : 29/03/2017
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Economy and the euro,

The European Parliament and the Council have agreed on a prospectus regulation in December 2016. However, this new legal framework requires a number of additional measures in particular to specify the content of the various types of prospectus and their constituent parts.

In order to prepare this work, the Commission (Directorate general for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union) is organising a one-day workshop to bring together users, experts and practitioners with direct experience with prospectuses as issuer, investor, advisor, etc.

Participants will discuss what the appropriate content of the various categories of prospectuses should be in light of the objectives of the prospectus regulation to strengthen confidence in the transparency of markets across the Union, and reduce regulatory complexity as well as search and compliance costs for companies. 


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