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Workshop on balloon licensing requirements

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Start date : 21/06/2018
End date : 21/06/2018
EASA headquarters, Cologne, Germany
European Aviation Safety Agency, Other bodies and agencies,
Transport and travel,

In June 2018, The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will hold two workshops including focused consultations on the results of the rulemaking tasks ‘Revision of the balloon licensing requirements‘ (RMT.0654) and ‘Revision of the sailplane licensing requirements’ (RMT.0701). The aim of these workshops is to present the revised draft licensing requirements for balloons and sailplanes in the newly developed ‘rulebooks’ and to discuss possible open items identified. The outcome of these workshops will be taken into consideration by EASA when preparing the opinions related to RMT.0654 and RMT.0701, the publication of which is envisaged for September 2018.

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