Smart Cities Marketplace forum

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Start date : 09/06/2021
End date : 10/06/2021
European Commission,
Energy, environment and climate, EU regional and urban development, Research and innovation,

This year's edition of the Smart Cities Marketplace forum will be an official partner event of the EU Green Week. It will be linked to the EU action plan toward a zero pollution ambition as a key action of the European Green Deal.

In this context, the forum will aim to:

  • demonstrate the high-level commitment of the European Commission and its Smart Cities and Communities initiatives to the promotion of zero pollution and smart cities based on a European smart city best practice model
  • discuss the future of smart (sustainable) cities and the Smart Cities Marketplace in its function as a hub for synergising with other relevant EU initiatives
  • share best practices and good examples from the wider Smart Cities Marketplace context, including the action clusters and initiatives of the Marketplace, as well as adjacent initiatives
  • initiate a dialogue on how successful innovations and demonstrations can be adjusted to zero pollution contexts, and, vice versa, which best practices and excellent smart city innovations from the environmental and sustainable scene deserve more attention.


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