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Skills anticipation methods and practices

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Start date : 14/06/2018
End date : 15/06/2018
Thessaloniki, Greece
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To facilitate mutual learning on effective skills anticipation and skill matching and the exchange of good practices across EU Member States, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) launched in 2016 a new thematic activity – ‘Governance of EU skills anticipation and matching systems: in-depth country reviews’, with the aim to provide close support to EU Member States in need of development, improvement or further refinement of the governance of their skills anticipation and matching systems.

This workshop constitutes a key step and output of the Cedefop country support programme. Its aim is to provide a platform to the national stakeholders of the countries participating in the Cedefop project, and also other interested experts or national stakeholders, to learn about how to put key skills anticipation methods of interest for them into practice. In order to meet their identified learning needs, the workshop will focus on three methods and practices of skills intelligence and anticipation:

  • technological skills foresights
  • sectoral-based skills anticipation
  • practical steps of setting up tracer studies


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