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Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe - SAFE 360

An air traffic controller on the runway © EU
Start date : 13/05/2019
End date : 15/05/2019
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
European Aviation Safety Agency, Other bodies and agencies,
Security and defence, Transport and travel,

Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe – SAFE 360° is an innovative conference format that provides the audience with an all-round multi-sectorial picture of the safety issues, a focused examination of key risk areas and a toolbox of potential mitigations.

SAFE 360° is organised by the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It will deliver a perspective that considers an array of solutions and broadens the overall understanding of possible mitigations of safety risks. The approach is designed to inspire us all to examine the approaches that we apply, and search for improved synergies and methods.

Day 1 will visit the different strategic views, discuss the top-safety risks, and balance those views with possible collaborative mitigations. Days 2 and 3, while thematically different, will follow a similar rhythm. 360° discussions on runway incursion and lithium batteries will be followed by breakout sessions on occurrence reporting and flight data monitoring (FDM) on day 2. Day 3 will concentrate on ground safety with a further FDM breakout session.


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