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Start date : 20/03/2017
End date : 20/03/2017
Charlemagne building, Brussels, Belgium
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The Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB) presents its first annual report and invites you at a conference on ‘Regulatory scrutiny in the EU’.

The 2016 annual report gives account of the achievements and reflects the problems identified, solutions put in place and lessons learnt during the first full year of operation of the RSB as an independent body of the European Commission. It will be presented at the first RSB annual conference.

Promoting better regulation is a shared objective requiring commitment and continued efforts from all EU institutions and national governments, as well as strong participation from the civil society. The first RSB annual conference will provide a timely opportunity to touch base with the wider better regulation community and offer an EU platform for exchanging views on key aspects of the regulatory impact assessment design and techniques, on evidence-based regulatory analysis and on best regulatory scrutiny practices.


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