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Presentation of the stakeholders consultation on Horizon 2020 - Midterm review

Poster of the event © EU
Start date : 28/04/2017
End date : 28/04/2017
EESC (room 62), Brussels, Belgium
European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee,
Research and innovation,

The European Commission (DG RTD) invited the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to co-organise an event to present and discuss the results of the stakeholder consultation on Horizon 2020. It will also be an occasion to compare these results with those of the EESC's information report on the same topic (INT/807).

This event will be part of a series of events jointly organised by the EESC and DG RTD in the area of research and innovation and it will be an excellent opportunity to promote the EESC’s work in this area.

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