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The postal framework: views from within and outside the EU

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Start date : 28/11/2018
End date : 28/11/2018
Metropol Palace Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia
European Commission,
Business, Transport and travel,

Stakeholders from the postal, and other related sectors, will gather to exchange views on topics which are crucial for the future of the postal market and related regulatory tools.

Participants will be able to discuss the latest results of the study on the EU cross border e-commerce parcel market, which is a key input into the 2020 review of parcel-delivery services. They will also hear how non-EU countries are preparing themselves to adapt their regulatory frameworks to the evident changes in global, European and national markets. Synergy, cooperation and common approaches will also be discussed.

This open workshop is organised by the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP), the European Commission and the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services of the Republic of Serbia (RATEL).


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