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Policy learning forum on upskilling pathways: a vision for the future

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Start date : 07/02/2018
End date : 08/02/2018
EESC (room VMA3), Brussels, Belgium
European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee, Other bodies and agencies,
Culture, education and youth, Employment and social rights,

The European Centre for the development of vocational training (Cedefop), together with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and in collaboration with the European Commission, is organising a policy learning forum (PLF) to bring together governments, social partners and civil society to help one another in the definition and implementation of the ‘Upskilling pathways: new opportunities for adults’. The PLF is the first in a series of events on the topic to create a platform for countries to come together to learn from one another and explore common challenges in upskilling adult with low level of skills.

In December 2016 the Council adopted the recommendation on ‘Upskilling pathways: New opportunities for adults’ targeting adults with low level of skills in order to provide them with flexible opportunities to improve their literacy, numeracy and digital competences and to progress towards higher European Qualifications Framework levels relevant for the labour market and for active participation in society.

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