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Policy conference - Youth Guarantee in Spain: the way forward

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Start date : 19/10/2017
End date : 20/10/2017
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Culture, education and youth, Employment and social rights,

Despite progress made in the last year, Spain's youth is still facing important challenges, such as high unemployment, skill gaps and mismatches, jobs that are often below their education level or high shares of fixed-term contracts.

To address these challenges, all relevant public actors in the fields of employment, social affairs, youth and education need to provide an integrated response, in collaboration with NGOs and social partners.

In this context, the European Commission is organising, in collaboration with the Spanish national and regional authorities, the conference "Youth Guarantee in Spain: The way forward”.

This conference aims to facilitate an open discussion, leading to concrete proposals and corresponding action plans to address the challenges faced by Spain’s youth. These should contribute to improve complementarity and implementation of youth policies in Spain through the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative and provide integrated support to young people to integrate the labour market sustainably.


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Webstreaming – Day 2

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