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Policies for an ageing workforce: Work-life balance, working conditions and equal opportunities

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Start date : 24/01/2018
End date : 24/01/2018
CEPS, Brussels, Belgium
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Other bodies and agencies,
Employment and social rights, Justice and citizens’ rights,

The European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions (Eurofound), the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the National Institute for Social and Economic Research (NIESR) are jointly organising this conference on policies for an ageing workforce.

The event will provide a lively platform to discuss the changing demographic of Europe’s workforce and will examine more sustainable policies for providing better work-life balance and working conditions. It will also address the inequalities associated with the diversity among older peoples’ situations in the labour market, and their health and life expectancy. The conference touches upon several of the elements of the ‘framework agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach’ approved by EU employers and trade unions in 2017.

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