Online launch event of the European rail safety climate survey

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Start date : 16/06/2021
End date : 16/06/2021
European Union Agency for Railways, Other bodies and agencies,
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In order to further improve safety in the European rail system, the EU Agency for railways (ERA) is conducting a unique safety perception survey open to all rail professionals working in the EU and in EFTA States: the European rail safety climate survey (ERA-SCS).

The deployment of the ERA-SCS comprises 2 successive phases:

  • Phase 1: About 100 partnerships with volunteering European companies and authorities were set up. The ERA-SCS has been disseminated among these partners’ organisations and more than 25,000 surveys were completed by their staff during the first half of the year.
  • Phase 2 (as of 16 June): During the online launch event, the ERA-SCS will be made accessible to any rail professional and further disseminated across Europe until the 7 October, with the support of the European transport workers’ federation (ETF) and the Autonomous train drivers' unions of Europe (ALE).

For the launch event, a distinguished panel will gather partners and key stakeholders from the rail sector who will discuss about the topic of “a more inclusive and resilient European rail safety”.

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