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Music Moves Europe – opportunities and challenges of the music sector in the digital age

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Start date : 20/06/2019
End date : 21/06/2019
Ministry of culture and national identity, Bucharest, Romania
Presidency of the Council of the EU,
Business, Culture, education and youth,

The new digital technologies, especially the emergence of streaming services, as well as the increased competition from global players have led to major changes in the way music is being created, produced, distributed, consumed, and monetised. Music Moves Europe is an emblematic action of the EU that will look at the opportunities of this context while also trying to identify solutions to its challenges.

In order to contribute to this process, we aim to create a space of dialogue between stakeholders in the music industry (policy experts and professionals from the sector), stirring the discussion around topical subjects like relevant updates about the sectoral policies, music in the next multiannual financial framework, the promotion of European musical diversity, including online, music, and sustainable urban development, best practices of European cooperation etc.

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