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The multiannual financial framework post-2020: challenges and opportunities

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Start date : 15/05/2018
End date : 15/05/2018
EESC, Brussels, Belgium
European Economic and Social Committee,
Economy and the euro,

There is a growing gap between the concerns and expectations of Europeans, and the limited powers and financial resources currently allocated to the EU. The basic principle of the EU budget must be to deliver European added value, achieving better outcomes than what would be possible with uncoordinated national budgets acting individually. To this end, the EU must first identify political priorities with high European added value and only then, determine the resources needed to achieve them.

In order to feed into the policy debate on the next multiannual financial framework and bring together the views of policymakers and organised civil society, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organising a high-level conference on ‘The multiannual financial framework post-2020: challenges and opportunities’.


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