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Moving the frontier of the macroeconomic modelling of research & innovation

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Start date : 07/09/2020
End date : 08/09/2020
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Research and innovation,

The first European conference on macroeconomic modelling of research & innovation will take a detailed look at macroeconomic models for policymaking. It aims to contribute to the further development of the treatment and assessment of R&I investments and the role that public policies have in scientific, technological and economic development.

The Conference aims to be the first of a series of events to discuss advances and best practice in the field. The conference is targeted to scholars in the field of science, research and innovation, notably in the domain of macroeconomic models; economists working in international organisations, central banks and national and regional governments; and policy-makers working in institutions providing advice for science, research and innovation policies.

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