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Mind the digital gap making e-solutions accessible to everyone

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Start date : 11/06/2020
End date : 12/06/2020
EU regional and urban development, Research and innovation,

In the context of COVID19 crisis, the YFACTOR project “MIND THE DIGITAL GAP" will highlight the commitment of regional and local actors in their effort to facilitate the digital transition and to ensure continuity of services across the EU regions.

We will host a two day event consisting of a webinar series and interactive workshops focused on the theme of inclusive access to education, culture, and civic participation engaging public administrators, citizens, practitioners, civil society groups and other stakeholders.

The recent push to digitalize has encouraged a lot of innovation in these fields but has also exposed the digital divide, even widening gaps in accessibility and knowledge of end-users. YFACTOR event will focus on bringing forward innovative and inclusive practices to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital transition.

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