Just Transition platform meeting - Coal Regions Virtual Week and Carbon-intensive Regions Seminar

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Start date : 15/11/2021
End date : 17/11/2021
European Commission,
Energy, environment and climate, EU regional and urban development,

Like previous editions, this event will be co-hosted by the European Commission’s DG REGIO and DG ENER. A multi-level dialogue will be organised by the Committee of the Regions as a side-event to the Just Transition Platform Meeting on 15 November.

The Just Transition Platform aims to assist all stakeholders in using the support provided by the Just Transition Mechanism, including the Just Transition Fund. This edition of the meeting will gather stakeholders from EU coal, peat, shale oil and carbon-intensive regions, and will deliver a range of thematic sessions, networking options enabling exchange and interaction between Member States, local and regional authorities, non-governmental organisations, business and social partners and EU institutions to learn from one another in the journey towards a just transition to a climate-neutral Europe.

The event will provide participants with updates and lessons learnt so far on the ongoing preparations of Territorial Just Transition Plans, learn about important topics expected to be developed under the TJTPs, hear the voices of regions that are on their journey towards coal phase out, and much more.


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