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Joint European Medicines Agency (EMA)/Drug Information Association (DIA) information day

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Start date : 14/11/2017
End date : 14/11/2017
London, United Kingdom
European Medicines Agency, Other bodies and agencies,
Consumer affairs and public health,

Measuring the impact of pharmacovigilance is essential to allow regulators and pharmaceutical industry to ensure key pharmacovigilance activities are effective and efficient and to support regulatory decisions. Effective risk minimization, balancing benefits and risks of medicines, are important tools for patient empowerment and to achieve best public health outcomes.

A workshop in 2016 highlighted the need for a sustainable framework, robust scientific methodologies, timely generation of decision-relevant data and clear roles and responsibilities as key pillars of impact research. Based on these recommendations, the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) is revising its strategy to evaluate EU pharmacovigilance activities in a collaborative approach with clearly defined process indicators and measures of patient health outcomes.

At this event stakeholders will discuss methodologies for impact research, enablers and barriers to impact, and foster collaboration and sharing of impact relevant information.


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Karin Gamba (DIA)

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