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The international role of the euro in the field of energy

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Start date : 14/02/2019
End date : 14/02/2019
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Economy and the euro, Energy, environment and climate,

The EU is the world's largest energy importer with an annual energy import bill averaging €300 billion in the last 5 years. Roughly 85% of this amount is paid in US dollars, even though the euro is a stable, reliable and globally recognised currency widely accepted for international payments. Strengthening its role in the field of energy trade and investment, while preserving general economic efficiency, will reinforce the international position of the euro and support the EU's objective to build an Energy Union that ensures that Europe's energy supply remains safe, viable and accessible to all.

This event will serve as a stakeholders’ consultation on the mechanisms and practicalities of implementing the Commission Recommendation on the international role of the euro in the field of energy, adopted on 5 December 2018.

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