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Integrated social services for activating minimum income recipients: success factors and reform pathways

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Start date : 08/03/2018
End date : 08/03/2018
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Employment and social rights,

The final conference of the ‘Study on integrated delivery of social services (IDSS) aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour market – success factors and reform pathways’ will take place in Brussels on 8 March.

The study is based on a detailed description of reform processes in 12 selected countries (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia). Through a comparative analysis of these reform processes as well analysis (where possible) of the cost-effectiveness of the reforms, the study identifies the determinants for reform success (and failure) and elaborates reform pathways towards successful service integration.

The conference will provide the opportunity to present the research outcome of the study to the stakeholders, collect their feedback and contribute to fostering the policy debate regarding the integrated delivery of minimum income support and activation services.

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