The impact of the COVID-19 on EU regions and cities

Start date : 16/06/2020
End date : 16/06/2020
European Committee of the Regions,
Covid-19, EU regional and urban development,

The COVID-19 pandemic is having enormous repercussions in the EU. In addition to the human and social cost, economies and public finances are under considerable strain.

All levels of government are mobilised to mitigate its effects, starting by the ones closest to citizens, the local and regional levels. Cities and regions have been on the frontline to fight the pandemic, building solidarity within their territory and providing a wide range of public services during lockdown, to protect and help their citizens. They are also working on a slow exit from the lockdown, implementing precautionary measures while supporting local businesses and communities.

This will also be the occasion to highlight the importance to participate in the CoR-OECD joint survey, as there are still many uncertainties about the impact of the COVID-19.

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