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How to spend it? How to pay it back?

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Start date : 14/10/2020
End date : 14/10/2020
European Investment Bank,
Economy and the euro,

The conference is co-organised by SUERF, CGEG|Columbia University, the European Investment Bank and Société Générale.

Low interest rates mechanically offer more policy room and consensus is that governments should make full use hereof to combat the headwinds from the COVID-19 crisis; even in those countries with high debt levels. A lively debate is already emerging as to whether higher public debt will come with higher inflation. Non-financial corporations are also set to see debt levels increase from often high starting points and even prior to the crisis this was a source of concern. The question is whether the 2020 crisis will mark a turning point that will see capital favoured over debt, and what this could mean both for real investment and financial asset prices.

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