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Ground handling conference 2019

A snowplow on the tarmac of an airport © EU
Start date : 07/03/2019
End date : 07/03/2019
Cologne, Germany
European Aviation Safety Agency,
Research and innovation, Transport and travel,

The new basic regulation (EU)2018/1139, which entered into force in September 2018, establishes essential requirements for ground handling services. This actually sets up a new mandate for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): to establish provisions for safe ground operations and oversight of these activities.

After having collected input via a questionnaire and interviews conducted with relevant stakeholders, a number of trends in the field of ground handling were identified. Following this phase, EASA has tasked a group of experts to set up a roadmap for the future ground handling project.

This conference will set up the scene for the presentation of the ground handling roadmap developed by the experts. The event will create the opportunity for all the actors involved in ground handling operations to engage in a dialogue towards the implementation of the proposed roadmap.

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