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GMO workshop on allergenicity assessment

A food sample being tested in a laboratory © EU
Start date : 15/06/2021
End date : 16/06/2021
Parma, Italy
European Food Safety Authority, Other bodies and agencies,
Food, farming and fisheries,

The aim of the workshop is to set the scene on the current state-of-the-art in the science of GMO allergenicity assessment and to define what specific elements of such assessment need to be developed to move forward a field still in its infancy. The formulation of specific research requirements for allergenicity assessment and protein safety in general is urgently needed in a world that demands more sustainable food systems. To meet this need, collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, academia and the scientific international community at large will be strongly pursued.

Introductory speeches will open the floor for exchanges on allergenicity assessment and future developments. The meeting will take place in a single plenary session. At the end of the meeting, conclusions will summarise the main discussion points. The European food safety authority (EFSA) will draft a short report collecting and summarising the discussions which will be published together with the presentations.

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