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Start date : 16/07/2020
End date : 16/07/2020
European Union Agency for Railways, Other bodies and agencies,
Energy, environment and climate, Transport and travel,

Accounting for less than 0.5% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport, railway has a pivotal role in the future of mobility in Europe.

To foster the railway sector as greenest mode of mass transport and make it the backbone of sustainable mobility, the key targets are the following:

  • Connect major urban areas in Europe by rail
  • Connect top 30 airports to the railway network
  • Develop a European network of night trains 
  • Eliminate the railway bottlenecks
  • Foster an industrial railway policy
  • Create an Eurocontrol for rail
  • Finance railway projects

The EU Agency for railways (ERA) wants to share in a lively debate the results of its research paper on how the railway sector can significantly contribute to the European Green Deal objectives.

Karima Delli, chairwoman of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, has shown her commitment to promote rail freight as the cleanest transport mode for delivering goods by initiating and signing a joint rail freight sector declaration together with Dr. Josef Doppelbauer, ERA Executive Director, and the CEOs of many European rail freight transport companies. They will both be introducing this webinar.

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