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Future of government 2030+: final event

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Start date : 06/03/2019
End date : 06/03/2019
European Parliament and Berlaymont building, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Institutional affairs, Research and innovation,

The ‘Future of government 2030+’ project (FuturGov project) brings citizens to the centre of attention, by opening the dialogue about the preferred models of government in the future. Its aim is to tackle emerging societal challenges, analyse trends in our rapidly changing digital society, and launch an EU-wide debate on the possible future role of government and governance models.

FuturGov is a project jointly led by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Directorate-General for communications networks, content, and techonolgy (DG CONNECT).

Participants will be invited to dive into possible future concepts and shape the future by playing the FuturGov game. At the end of the day, ideas will draw up on new forms of political decision-making and public service delivery and on how to get prepared for it.

Twitter: #futurgov; #policylab4EU

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