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Final conference of the European Sustainable Chemicals Support Service

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Start date : 14/09/2017
End date : 14/09/2017
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission, Other bodies and agencies,
Business, Energy, environment and climate,

The European Commission and the European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN) are pleased to invite you to the final conference of the European sustainable chemicals support service: 'Boosting regional investments in sustainable chemicals'.

The event aims to present the results of the European sustainable chemicals support service initiative '6 Model demonstrator regions for sustainable chemical production', funded by the European Commission. It will feature success stories and best practices from the 6 regions, selected by the European Commission as 'model demonstrator regions' in Europe for a sustainable chemical industry.

The conference will also present the publicly available self-assessment tool. It was developed within the initiative, which aims to support all European regions to assess their investment readiness level to produce chemicals sustainably.


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