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European Week for safety and health at work – Healthy workplaces for all ages

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Start date : 23/10/2017
End date : 27/10/2017
Bilbao, Spain
Other bodies and agencies,
Consumer affairs and public health, Employment and social rights,

Held each year in October, the European Week for safety and health at work is a highlight of every Healthy Workplaces campaign. With hundreds of awareness-raising events taking place across the EU and beyond — and extra impetus given to media coverage — it is an ideal opportunity to get involved in the campaign.

Special film screenings, social media events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and training sessions are just some of the activities organised to celebrate the European Week.

Organised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and its partners, the European Week 2017 has the campaign theme at their heart, and the activities will focus on raising awareness of the importance of a sustainable working life.

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