European Space Week 2018: Connecting the future

Night satellite view of the Earth © EU
Start date : 03/12/2018
End date : 06/12/2018
Marseille, France
Other bodies and agencies,
Research and innovation, Transport and travel,

European Space Week is the leading European space programme conference, connecting business, policymakers, international experts and space application user communities.

Organised by the European Commission and the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA), this event will include:

  • the 5th European space solutions conference, presenting the latest space-powered answers to today’s business challenges
  • a state of play on the EU satellite navigation and Earth monitoring systems
  • a high-level plenary session on the EU space programme
  • the latest information on EU research and development funding
  • the 2nd European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) user consultation platform
  • the 2018 Galileo and Copernicus Masters Award ceremony
  • Copernicus and Galileo business accelerators

Twitter: #EUSpaceWeek


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