A European rural agenda urgently needed for rural areas after COVID-19 crisis

Mountainous landscape © EU
Start date : 27/11/2020
End date : 27/11/2020
European Committee of the Regions, European Parliament,
Covid-19, EU regional and urban development,

The current pandemic crisis has exposed and exacerbated the consequences of a number of longstanding threats faced by rural areas, and has added to the urgency for rural revival in regions across the EU. On the other side, the pandemic can encourage more local consumption and production patterns, remote working habits, increase the importance of quality of life and develop new forms of mobility, which may open new opportunities for sustainable jobs and growth in rural regions.

Following the European Parliament resolution on addressing the specific needs of rural, mountainous and remote areas, the new Commission has been asked to develop a new long-term vision for rural areas. This webinar co-organised by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Parliament, will explore lessons learned by rural areas during the COVID-19 crisis and how the new long-term vision for rural areas should be translated into a concrete policy framework – the European rural agenda - that would enable and empower rural communities to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Hélène Moraut

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