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The European pillar of social rights: going forward together

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Start date : 23/01/2017
End date : 23/01/2017
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Employment and social rights,

In March 2016, the Commission launched a public consultation to assess the present EU social ‘acquis’, to reflect on new trends in work patterns and societies, and to gather views and feedback on the principles identified in a preliminary outline of the European pillar of social rights. The consultation ran until 31 December 2016 and its results will contribute to the final outline of the pillar and help to identify the scope of future action where necessary.

In this context, the Commission is holding a European conference which will be an important milestone in wrapping up the consultation and defining the future direction of the European pillar of social rights.

A consolidated version of the pillar should be presented early in 2017. Once adopted, the pillar should become a reference framework to screen employment and social performance of participating Member States and to drive reforms at national level. More specifically, it should also serve as a compass for renewed convergence within the euro area.


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